30 Awesome Manali Photos that Inspire You to Explore

You are currently viewing 30 Awesome Manali Photos that Inspire You to Explore

Manali is magical, somwewhere a place where you can feel aroma of himalayan valley around. Once you hit the city, Beas river welcome you with magical aroma, City located at the both side of the river with himalayan vally around makes this place heavenly. Manali photos are scenic more like a dreamy stories.

Manali is probably one of the best location for tourist to experience the beauty of green and snow valley at the same time. From beautiful old architecture to newly furnished buildings, it has every kind of properties to let you experience the best of it kind.

Apart from a beautiful hitop, city has some of special spiritual places with rich history, places like Hidimba temple or vashsiht temple are one of beautiful architecture temples around, that attarct people around.

Manali has a scenic beauty, which almost let you fall in love with the city likewise me, here throughtout my journey, i captured some of the photos which i shows the true colors of Manali.


Hidimba Temple : three square roof covered with timber and fourth brass cone shaped roof at the top. Hidimba temple is surrouned by Dhungiri vihar with hundred of Cedar trees, which make this place beautuiful.

Beas River : Beas river is the highlight of manali, City is located on the both side of the river, River originated from himalayan ranges then flow into himachal and Punjab.
Himalayan ranges : Snowing on the top, While heading to Rohatang la, we have witnessed some of beautiful white snow moutains.
The good morning view from our hotel, I kept the curtains open in the night and wakes up 5 o clock and experience the best sunrise while laying on bed
Vashisht village, Manali : City has some of beautiful modern properties, But seeing these old heritage architectures inspire me more to explore about local livelihood
Hidimba Devi temple storeies with Cedar trees behind
Kullu : River rafting
solang valley : evreywhere we go, we witnessed some of beautiful architecture mansions
KULLU : Beautiful morning view from the kullu
River Rafting at Beas river
Magestic Beas river flowing from the hiamalayan ranges

Hidimba Van vihara : Dhungiri valley is few kilometers from mall road, it has hundreds of cedar trees which is genrally 120 ft or above.
while coming back to manali from rohtang la, we have seen many beautifully snow cover mountains with clouds topping on it.
Atal tunnel : 10 kms long tunnel connecting rohtang from manali, built by Indian army B.R.O
Mounatin dogs are really cute and attractive, once you hit the road of manali you would find good breed dogs neat & clean roaming around the city. these dogs are very friendly with tourists.
Paragliding, Solang valley
Rohtang valley
Himalayan ranges : On the way to Rohtang pass
Guru Vashisht temple, Manali
Hidimba Devi Temple, Manali
Vashisht village market

Photos are not enough to show you the beauty of this hill stataion, every corner of the road show you a scenic views all around. From vyas to Beas river and from beas to cheb rivers, these rivers make this place more fresh.

Here some of photos i captured in my camera to show the best of its own kind.

Please let me know if you love these photos above. if you had already explored the city, please share your experience with me, I would love to hear from you Guys.

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