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Accommodation plays an important role in traveling while we spent a huge amount of our travel Budget on staying overnights in Hotels. While another popular choice nowadays is hostel,  which is in trend and people are loving it by paying a very less amount of money for the night stays. There is a lot of talk around the travelers about where to stay overnight In Hotel vs Hostel ?

So here I will try to explain the major differences between these two Accommodation Properties. So you can Decide which side attracts you the most. Here I asked many tourists about their accommodation Preferences whether they are hotel lovers or Hostel Person. The outcome was quite obvious, Young Solo travelers Prefers the Hostel Bunk Bed while the Couples mostly Prefers the Hotel private room for the sleepover.

There are many websites which offer you the opportunity to book Hostels and Hotels. checkout BOOKING.COM, AIRBNB.COM, AGODA.COM, where you can compare the property type as well.

‘’Your Stays Defines you most of the time, A tourist visit the monuments while the Travelers explore the unknown locations’’

Here are the factors to consider while deciding Hotel vs Hostel, what kind of lodging is right for your next trip?


steppin guesthouse timmy handa
Stepinn Guesthouse Kuala lumpur

The Biggest factor which is making Hostels are very popular is the Cheap stay. Sharing a room with 5-6 people will make your travel Budget more Cheaper. While on average an Hotel private room is 3 times more expensive than the Sharing Bunk Beds. But it doesn’t mean it’s always a cheap deal, an Hostel on best locations could be the same as a Hotel. But still Hostels are always my first choice for sleepovers. I mean Why pay more ? when all you just have to do is sleep overnight.


Hostel amenities

Hotels have many amenities to provide to their guests to make their stay very much comfortable. while you may have trouble finding amenities in a hostel, like a shared Bathroom, Hair Dryer or maybe Sharing Television. if Amenities are important, Then Hotels will be the right choice for you to stay. But Hostels have the shared amenities such as a shared kitchen which is a perfect way to socialize with people. But at the end it’s all about your priorities which side you end up with or How much you wanna spend on your Night stay.


Clock inn kandy timmy handa
clock Inn Kandy

As I said before privacy is one of the major factors which leads many tourists to go for a stay in a Hotel. Of Course Hostels have some rules which you have to respect as you are sharing things with other people. But still there are many hostels who offer private rooms just to give some space for the privacy concern travelers on Great Prices. Especially if you are carrying an expensive gadget or Lot of money along with you, then you should go all the way to a private room. Nowadays many hostels offer Lock and a personal Locker to make sure guests feel safe while keeping their personal stuff. while some Hostels offer front desk deposit boxes. As of now I have stayed many times on Dorms Beds. Some of them offer Locker and some not, But i never felt insecure during my stays in Hostel, as you have to trust other people sharing beds with you as these guys are also travelling like you.


Hostel staff
stepInn Guesthouse Kuala Lumpur

Hotel employees hired under a corporate setup with full professionalism. while on the other side Hostel staff are Friendly and mostly hosted by fellow travelers. They are the one with whom you can sit for a long talk and share each other’s travel stories. Hotel employees are trained to solve the guest problems with a smile (probably the fake one) everytime no matter what. Hostels have a more friendly atmosphere than hotels.


Dorm beds timmy handa

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Backpacker Hostels are more than just a place to sleep, Not like where you just leave your bags and go for a tour and return in the eve for a sleep.  In most cases a hostel is a social place to meet other backpackers, make friends, They’re communal places, they can offer comfort, be a hub, and even a sense of home. How about buying vegetables from the market by own and trying new dishes with your fellow Backpackers In Kitchen, hostels are more socialize. many Hostel organize activities such as walking tours, trips, nights out, parties, pub crawls, BBQ nights, pizza and movie nights, dinner nights just to make sure you are having an amazing time during your stays. all you have to just smile and say Hi , Rest will be amazing.

Hotel vs Hostel is always going to be a big point of debate amongst travelers. Since I am a Hostel Person, who will love to choose Hostel over Hotel any time, which obviously saved my money and experience me much better than staying in a private Hotel room.

Let me know your view, How is your experience staying in Hostel or Hotel and How’s you differentiate between your stays?

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