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Jaisalmer is a city like no other, the golden city has everything to attract tourists all around to spend some days. From Every corner, Jaisalmer Photos looks fascinating and heritage. From Jaisalmer city to the sand dunes. The whole city has been designed with a unique yellow Jaisalmer sandstone, this is probably the first and the only city of India, where almost 95% of houses, Havelis, forts, or temples all are constructed with this yellow sandstone which amazes you and made you think of How actually they civilized with a unique approach.

Jaisalmer looks beautiful, whether we talk about sunrise or the sunset both the way, the city looks like pure gold coated. we reached Jaisalmer around 4 o clock by train, and I can still remember how beautiful the city looks from the railway station over the bridge, that sunrise view of the sonar fort from the railway station is still one of the favorite moments of Jaisalmer.


Streets of Jaisalmer

While exploring this beautiful city of Jaisalmer, we came to know the historic importance of each and everything around here. Every haveli, fort, or even houses have a rich history here.

The city has a lot to explore and a lot to write about, BUt in the meanwhile, I want to show you some of my photos, that I clicked while in Jaisalmer.

Sonar fort also popular as Jaisalmer fort
The kothari patwa Haveli

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While roaming around the streets in Jaisalmer, I saw this beautifully crafted elephant using yellow sandstone outside a house.
The Majestic Patwa Kothari haveli
incredibly old and beautifully designed doors are the highlights of whole Rajasthan
The Yellow Jaisalmer’s famous sandstone
Beautifully crafted Balcony of Patwa haveli
you are not in Rajasthan unless you saw a cow wandering or relaxing around the streets
The Street in Jaisalmer
The gateway to the city market
Panoramic view of the city from the top of Patwa Kothari haveli
sandstone while using for the construction

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Please let me know if you love the photos above. if you had already explored the city, please share your experience with me, I would love to hear from you Guys.

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