Trying hard to decide how to plan your next travel itinerary or What are the travel resources you need for your next Travel Destination or you may be thinking to ask for an agency to make a perfect tour itinerary to make your travel a bit smoother? Since I planned my travel itinerary and all the arrangements by myself over the last couple of years of my travel. I have used hundreds of companies for further Bookings for my stays, Flight, Food, and so on. There are thousands of online travel platforms to help you travel smarter and cheaper. Some of them are really amazing which helps you throughout your Journey. I have listed the best out there, those are continually offering the best deals.

There are websites and tools I personally used for the past couple of years and can recommend you guys to use it to explore your next destination. 

I will be adding and expanding to these Travel resources, so before you go on the next trip be sure to check all the ticks as mentioned below


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BOOKING.COM, I have been using to find the best stay around me from the start, especially they have a bunch of cheap and budget Guesthouse and Hostels especially when you are looking for a stay in Asia or Europe. What I really like about is that you reserve your hotel room through but pay at the hotel when you check-in or out. So if you end up changing your mind, you don’t have to wait for a refund.

AIRBNB Timmy handa

AIRBNB.COM, while planning for a long trip, to stay in a city for more than a week so AIRBNB should be your first choice. This site connects you with the homeowners who wish to rent their apartments, Rooms for the stay. Airbnb comes with a great concept which attracts many travelers to explore places for staying long and paying less.


AGODA.COM is the real king in the online booking platform. This site has more Budget Hostels, guesthouses than any other booking site, especially in Asia. Agoda has amazing filters that help you to find the best stay quickly. Agoda also helps you to find the best combination of Flight and Hotel Booking as per your Need.


HOSTELWORLD.COM should be your first choice while looking for cheap Hostels or Guesthouse. They have listed almost all the Budget hotels, Hostel, Lodge, Bungalow with the best locations. If you travel as a backpacker with the limited Budget then AGODA will be the best site to help you to find the Best and Supercheap stay.


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SKYSCANNER.COM is one of the best flight booking platforms worldwide right now. This site helps you to compare the flight fares with many websites and show you the cheapest fare first. Many Flight Booking sites who don’t operate with low-cost Carriers But Skyscanner will segregate all the running airline fares to give you the best rate. If you haven’t yet decided about your next travel destination, Skyscanner will help you to show the cheapest fare destination for the mentioned travel period.

google flight timmy handa

GOOGLEFLIGHTS.COM will redirect you to the airline homepage. Google flights let you enter your departure airport then it will redirect you to the world map showing the cheapest Destination from the Departure Airport for the given Dates.

cleartrip timmy handa

CLEARTRIP.COM is one of my favorite sites for flight booking inside In India, this site has many offers for frequent travelers with amazing cashback offers. While I always look for the fares on Skyscanner but to get the better comparison I always pick Cleartrip.

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AIRLINES WEBSITES: Before Booking any flight with the airline, I will always recommend you to go to the airline’s webpage to see the fare difference. Let’s say you have searched for the Delhi to Dubai Flights on SKYSCANNER.COM and you are getting good fare on Emirates, so I would have recommended you to go on Emirates’ official website to check the fare on the same date.  In many cases, you may get less fare on the Airline website page.


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ROME2RIO.COM: The website helps you to see the distance between Point A to Point B with the cheapest and best mode of transport. This website also redirects you to the websites for the following booking.  Rome2rio is a platform where they suggest you travel from Cab, Train, Ferry, or Planes with great reviews and amazing support. timmy handa

EASYBOOK.COM : Since Southeast Asia is the buzz for the backpackers. From Singapore to the Philippines, this site helps you to book instant tickets for all the ASEAN countries. Let’s say you want to travel to Siem reap from Bangkok, this website will show you all the cheap options from Bus to flights of Bangkok to Siem reap, This works amazing.

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RAIL EUROPE : Just like Easybook, Rail Europe connects you with trains across Europe. From Paris to Madrid or From Zurich to Rome. This site also offers the travel pass for the frequent backpackers to save hundreds of dollars.


lonely planet timmy handa

LONELYPLANET : Lonely planet guidebook without any doubt is the best travel Book to help you better understand your travel Destination. Lonely Planet helps you to explore the country even before reaching there. Lonely Planet guidebook helps you to understand History, Culture, Weather, Transport, Activities, and many more which is a must for every traveler to read before exploring the following country.

Trip advisor timmy handa

TRIP ADVISOR: The best travel FAQ Platform for travelers to ask questions, I have been using Trip Advisor right from start for getting all the information. All you have to do is type your trip-related questions, that’s it someone will be there to advise the best for you. Even Trip advisor also helps you to fetch the flight fare and Hotel Booking. This platform has a wealth of users to review hotels, attractions, and activities around the city.

Here is the list of Travel Resources, please let me know if you think any apps or any web community help to make your travel smoother.

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